A challenge which involves you…

Welcome to our website where we hope you will join us in shaping the future of the local NHS.

Your NHS, Your Say

Your NHS, Your Say gives you many opportunities to take part in discussions about the opportunities and challenges the local NHS faces.

The last 10 years has seen a decade of significant improvements for patients. More people enjoy better health thanks to improved care, higher standards and a multitude of healthy living programmes.  Patients have more choice than ever before and waiting times are the shortest ever.

Future NHS funding is set to increase but demand for services from our ageing population and costs from new drugs and technology are expected to rise more steeply. We are determined to continue improving local services. Every penny is more important than ever and the NHS has to look at new ways to make its resources go further.

As part of this, we are looking at radically changing how services are provided.  Each year £530 million will continue to be spent across north east Essex. By working very differently we can boost this with £84 million of savings if NHS resources are used more efficiently.   

This is where you come in

And this is where the people of north Essex come in because we need your help to make any changes work. The Your NHS, Your Say campaign is being launched to make sure that this can happen.

The campaign is made up a series of roadshows, meetings and other activities, across north Essex throughout 2011 to give you the chance to share your ideas and views on the big issues facing the NHS.

If you can’t come along to one of our events you can give your views on our website. You can use the Your NHS, Your Say DIY toolkit to organise your own meeting. We will also be taking part in discussion with local people on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Details of all these opportunities are on this website – please give us your views