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Your local NHS is changing

The NHS is busier than ever before – treating more people, quicker and to higher standards – and it’s also going through a gradual transformation.

This transformation is bringing more services to community settings such as community hospitals, health centres, GP surgeries and at home away from large acute hospitals.

Closer working between health and social care professionals and multi-disciplinary working is key to this process. Greater integration of services across the NHS and with other agencies particularly Essex County Council will improve how services are co-ordinated and ensure people’s health and social care needs are considered in the round rather as just one condition or illness at a time.

Preventative medicine and healthy living programmes are also important together with making the most of modern improvements in surgical techniques, IT developments and other advances.

This process includes re-designing of some services, developing news ones and reviewing ones which are not clinically effective or do not provide value for money.

Our Plans

Our transformation plans focus on opportunities for improving services while making resources go further.

QIPP stands for Quality, Innovation Productivity and Prevention. Our QIPP plans focus on the opportunities for improving care and treatment for local people while making our resources go further.

Our integrated QIPP and reform plans have been created jointly with local GPs, NHS trusts and Essex County Council.

Read our Integrated Plans for NHS North Essex; 

Your NHS, Your say

Last winter over 250 people attended our Open Talk programmes about developments in local NHS services. People’s feedback from these events will forms an important element of the local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) – the process for the NHS and local authorities use to understand the health and well being needs of local people. The JSNA informs and drives the planning of future services.

Your NHS Your Say

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