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How can I lead a healthier life?

Congratulations!  You've just taken the first step to a healthier life by visiting this section.  Any step in the right direction is a good one.

What's the second step?  Well, being active is not an option - it is essential for health, as is eating healthily. Reducing your intake of fat, sugar and alcohol can significantly reduce the risk of health problems such as obesity, coronary heart disease and cancer. More recently, evidence has emerged which links diet with behaviour, concentration and educational performance.

One of the key dietary messages is the recommendation to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Average consumption in England is less than three portions a day and a significant number of people eat no fruit and vegetables in a week. Even small increases in consumption of fruit and vegetables will bring marked health benefits.

Take a look at the Live Well section of NHS Choices where you can find information aimed at people aged 15 to 60+ that will help you stay fit if you are well, and assist you to manage your condition if you are unwell.


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