New Organisations in Shadow April 2012

shadow ball

In preparation for new arrangements to take over from 1 April 2013, the proposed new organisations will replace the existing PCTs and become operational in shadow form from 1 April 2012. They will have their own shadow Boards and a staff of clinicians and managers.

Man and son looking to the future

The new organisations are:

The three CCGS will draw support services from a shared Essex Commissioning Support Service and from an Essex Public Health function that is under the wing of Essex County Council. They will be accountable to the national NHS Commissioning Board which is developing a local team.

The PCTs will continue to exist in name and, under the NHS North Essex Cluster Board, will continue to have the legal responsibility for commissioning, that is planning and buying healthcare. The actual job of healthcare commissioning delegated to the shadow CCGs, with the support of experienced PCT directors and staff.